In the past five months, specialists from the “From Heart to Heart” organization worked in Kaniv with injecting drug users to gather information on HIV, TB and received qualified information and prevention services.

Also, social workers of the organization distributed care packages of personal protection among drug users. The activity was implemented within the framework of social project implementation “Social Prevention (Secondary)” in the city of Kaniv.

“For the duration of the project, the project covered 65 people (city residents), most of them got tested for HIV, some for other sexually transmitted infections for hepatitis B and C. Also, monthly, a health social worker from the “FHTH” program conducted tuberculosis screening. This is an important procedure because the target group is at high risk for TB. Screening helps to draw attention to the primary symptoms and to identify the disease in the first stages “, – tells about the the project, the head of the Board of NGO “From Heart to Heart” Natalia Nesvat.

Testing was carried out in the Mobile Clinic, which allows for confidentiality and provides a place for testing. After testing, a healthcare worker conducted counseling: HIV prevention, reproductive health, motivation to change behavior,  and counseling on the maintenance of ART therapy.

At the end of the project, the NGO “From Heart to Heart” asked for feedback throughout a survey to all the clients. According to the poll, 70% of clients plan to attend self-help groups in the future – and 96.7% of clients are satisfied with the number of services provided.

“Customers point out that the moment of support from social workers is extremely important, which gives them the opportunity to feel themselves and not alone with their problems. It is important that you can talk about your problems, get qualified advice and find a way out of the situation. They saw the opportunity to change their behavior and began to embody a positive change. The highlight point of the project is that thanks to the coordinated work of social workers, clients were more than the number of clients we expected to cover initially”- concludes Natalya Nesvat.

The mechanism of social project was worked out within the framework of the Pilot “Constancy of HIV-services in Cherkasy region”, which is implemented with the support of the USAID Ukraine Project “HIV Reforms in Action”.

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