Ukraine is a country of origin, transit and destination for the human trafficking of men, women and children. The problem of domestic trafficking is also growing. According to IOM research, more than 230,000 Ukrainians suffered from human trafficking since 1991, which makes Ukraine one of the main countries of origin of people suffering from modern slavery in Europe. That is why, beginning in September 2015, “From Heart to Heart” started to work on counteracting human trafficking by identifying and assisting people suffering from human trafficking in Cherkasy Oblast.

The work in this field aims to :

  • Combine the efforts and capability of state and non-state organizations  combating human trafficking and establishing cooperation and mechanisms of interaction between actors engaged  in the field of traffic management, regulated by the CMU Decree #783 from August 12;
  • Improve the level of qualification of civil servants who work directly with persons who address the state administrations for obtaining the status of “a victim of human trafficking” at the stage of conducting surveys, collecting documents, assessing the needs and planning of services and providing assistance according to needs;
  • Conduct information campaigns and educational work, develop preventive measures, educate the community and provide tangible ways people can help victims of human trafficking;
  • Detect, identify, and provide assistance to victims of human trafficking, including children.


Manager of the direction “Сountering Human Trafficking” Stadnik Marina