The School of Volunteers” is a place for the training and development of everyone who wants to work in the social work field and wants to learn more about the work of the organization “From Heart to Heart”, to develop and encourage social support and increase motivation to volunteer activities.
During the training, all people interested can attend multiple training sessions and participate in activities organized by the organization. The training program consists of 10 to 12 information sessions. Classes are scheduled for 1 to 2 hours, once a week.

The School of Volunteers was established because many local volunteers and social work students from educational institutions constantly came to the organization for practice and experience. We noticed that many of them were often not guided correctly on the approach to vulnerable groups in the community, and were afraid to work with most of the target groups we serve.

Unfortunately, our local community is also often surprised, and lack understanding of why we work with people such as injecting drug users, commercial sex workers, former prisoners, homeless people, and others vulnerable groups. For those and many other reasons, the School of Volunteers was created to debunk all the myths and stigma that exist around the individuals from these particular target groups and to provide an opportunity to see real work and professional approaches of people from the different vulnerable groups in need of support.

Modules of the Volunteer Program Training

  • The profile of a FHTH volunteer
  • Drug prevention and other dependencies
  • Prevention of HIV/AIDS
  • Prevention among vulnerable groups
  • Case management
  • Tuberculosis (TB)
  • Basic aspects of working with prisoners and former convicts.
  • Human trafficking and safe migration.
  • Advocacy
  • Reproductive health.
  • Human rights and protection.
  • Writing projects and opportunities for youth.

After the covering of all these important subjects, the volunteers get evaluated. All volunteers who have completed and passed the training successfully receive certificates.

Some Previous Results of the Volunteer Program Training

  • The first Volunteer Program Training took place in March-June 2017 in Cherkasy.
  • A total of 18 volunteers were successfully evaluated and received certificates.
  • A former trained volunteer began working as a social worker in the “Dovira” organization in Kaniv city.
  • The School of Volunteers caught the interest of local media. We were invited to the radio, TV shows and we wrote articles about the school and the achievements of volunteers for the local newspaper.
  • The second Volunteer Program Training received more than 40 applications for enrolment.
  • One of the volunteers was the founder of the charity event “Christmas Tree of Good”, as a result, classes for the public on the production of toys and sales at the fair were held.
  • Some government officials and media representatives were invited to conduct classes at the School to cover topics on Volunteer Passport, non-violent communication, public relations organizations and working with the media.

Interested in joining our Volunteer Program Training?

  • The volunteer school is free and has no age restrictions.
  • The classes are flexible and schedule vary depending on the group students’ request.
  • The classes are conducted by experts who work directly in the field and explain topics with real situation cases.
  • During the entire training, research and current local statistics are used.
  • The Volunteer Program Training is fun, interesting, humanistic and practical!

You will enjoy learning about helping others and become a great advocate of our community!

For more information about the School of Volunteers or any other questions about this program, please contact Marina Zdorovets directly at (+380) 63.575.4386