If you or your loved ones had similar situations in their lives, you are entitled to help.

– Were you forced to work?
– Did you select your passport, personal documents?
– not allowed to go home or restricted in movement?
– Were they threatened?
– did not pay the promised money?

According to the Palermo Protocol and the Law of Ukraine “On combating human trafficking”

Of the crime of trafficking in people

Action – recruitment, movement, concealment, transfer, receipt of a person.

The means of influence is fraud, fraud, blackmail, use of a vulnerable state, use or threat of violence, use of official position or material or other dependence on another person.

Purpose – exploitation – sexual, use in porn business, labor, begging, removal of organs, conducting experiments, forced pregnancy, involvement in criminal activity, use in armed conflicts, trafficking in children, adoption for the purpose of profit

📞 National Anti-Trafficking Hotline
(Free of charge in Ukraine from mobile)

National Hotline on Countering Trafficking in Persons and Counseling Migrants 0800505501
(Free from fixed phones) or 527 (free from mobile phones)

National hotline on preventing domestic violence, human trafficking and gender discrimination 0800500335
(Free of charge from fixed phones) or 116 123 (free of charge from mobile phones)

Charity organization «From heart to heart» (0472) 71 22 54