If you or your loved ones had similar situations in their lives, you are entitled to help.

– Were you forced to work?
– Did you select your passport, personal documents?
– not allowed to go home or restricted in movement?
– Were they threatened?
– did not pay the promised money?

According to the Palermo Protocol and the Law of Ukraine “On combating human trafficking”

Of the crime of trafficking in people

Action – recruitment, movement, concealment, transfer, receipt of a person.

The means of influence is fraud, fraud, blackmail, use of a vulnerable state, use or threat of violence, use of official position or material or other dependence on another person.

Purpose – exploitation – sexual, use in porn business, labor, begging, removal of organs, conducting experiments, forced pregnancy, involvement in criminal activity, use in armed conflicts, trafficking in children, adoption for the purpose of profit

📞 National Anti-Trafficking Hotline
(Free of charge in Ukraine from mobile)